Carly R Siegle

Arcana: Coffee + Tea + Tarot

Scope of work: Logo & identity design, store signage, menu, print design, digital and web design
Vibe: Alternative, magical, warm, inviting
Industry: Restaurant- coffee shop, retail food and beverage

Arcana is a coffee house inspired by tarot. Each of Arcana’s signature drinks represents a card from the Major Arcana, reflected by custom tarot illustrations. Arcana takes coffee and tea from mundane to mystical, with detailed custom branding and warm, dark in-store ambiance.

Design notes

12 custom tarot illustrations and carefully chosen typefaces present a balance of magic and sleek, modern vibes. Arcana’s color palette conveys a feeling of warmth and offers a unique aesthetic that deviates from the strict brown palettes utilized by other coffee brands.

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