Carly R Siegle

NEST Home Décor

Scope of work: Logo & identity design, print design, signage, product and packaging design, social media
Vibe: Ornate, warm, cozy, sophisticated, peaceful
Industry: Retail, home décor

NEST is a home décor brand offering all the necessities for creating a cozy environment. NEST was looking for a brand that would communicate their high-end luxury feel, but maintain warm inviting vibes. I set them up with a comprehensive brand style guide and a full suite of deliverables including product and package design.

Design notes

The main design motif for NEST is matryoska dolls (Russian nesting dolls), which represent the unity of body, soul, mind, heart, and spirit. NEST creates luxury home decor products that encourage a lifestyle of balance. The thread of whimsy that runs through their collections and design deliverables mimics the fantasy-like qualities of the painted dolls that originated in 1890 Moscow.

Brand messaging: Consistency is key

NEST’s mission is creating and selling products that offer a unique balance of luxury, leisure, and function. When a solid brand mission is established for all communications, each message the company conveys emphasizes the same greater core idea.

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