Carly R Siegle

The Brand Book (PDF eBook)


Your brand is multi-faceted, like a Rubix Cube. This guide will help you “solve” the puzzle of your branding so all the pieces correctly align. It doesn’t matter how amazing your logo is, or how extensive and attractive your website is, if your entire brand is not working correctly as a whole. Topics covered in this guide include:

  • Basics: Color Models, Color Theory, Color Harmony, Color Psychology
  • Typography + Font Basics, Font Pairing, Using Type
  • Spacing + Layout: Optical vs. Exact
  • Logo Design + Branding: The Creative Brief, “Rules” Your Logo Should Follow, The Brand Style Guide
  • Website Design + Content: General Website Format + Creation, What is a CMS and Why Should I Use One?, CMS Comparison, Best Free Wordpress Plugins, Site Page Structure, Site Menu Structure
  • SEO: Keywords, Copy, + Blogging for SEO
  • Social Media: Which Network(s) Your Business Should Focus On, Using Branded Social Media Profile Assets, Canva vs. Professional Social Media Graphics, Increasing Engagement


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