Carly R Siegle

Terra & Footprint

Scope of work: Logo & identity design, print design, app/UI/UX design
Vibe: Scientific, informative, modern, innovative
Industry: Environmental, science and technology

Terra is a company dedicated to increasing the world’s usage of renewable energy and preserving natural resources. Terra conceptualized the app, Footprint, which helps users track their environmental impact in order to create better habits. Terra needed a clean, modern identity with an informative, authoritative presence.

Design notes

Terra’s logo design depicts the “ripple effect” that occurs by just making one planet-healthy choice. This circular/ripple effect theme is carried over into the logo for the Footprint app, as seen below. Rounded lettering further emphasizes the circular theme. Bright colors and eye-catching modern icons draw attention and convey complex messaging in a viewer-friendly way.

Footprint: How would you like to save the Earth today?

The UX/UI design for the Footprint app was crucial, since the mission behind the app is so significant. This is one of the opportunities we don’t often see- where design can literally help change the world. Clean and simple design and interface elements guide users through features like water usage tracking/calculation, transportation routes and information, home energy efficiency tips and tasks, and features that help users reuse and recycle. 

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