Carly R Siegle

twig & dot

Scope of work: Logo & identity design, apparel, website, social media
Vibe: Playful, whimsical, inclusive, imaginative
Industry: Retail, e-commerce: kids’ clothing

twig & dot is an online retailer of unique, creative kids’ clothing. Despite the relatively small size of their team, twig & dot is a brand on a big mission to create inclusive clothing for every kid. An easy to navigate e-commerce website and playful apparel prints bring the brand to life. twig & dot doesn’t just sell clothing- they sell style with personality.

Design notes

The key part of twig & dot’s identity is the illustrations of the characters twig and dot themselves. As seen below, the idea behind twig and dot’s friendship extends far beyond clothing. They teach audiences about acceptance, diversity and inclusion. The whimsical nature of the brand’s apparel print designs speak to their younger customers, while the messaging and mission they pursue makes the whole family proud to support twig & dot clothing.

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