Carly R Siegle


Scope of work: Logo & identity design, print design, menu design
Vibe: Cheerful, whimsical, bubbly, sweet
Industry: Retail, food and beverage

popcakes are an exclusive of Magic Milestones, a company that plans and hosts luxury bespoke birthday parties. popcakes branding reflects the fun, creative vibes of the custom birthday parties at which they are served. Take a bite of their yummy brand (and products) below.

Design notes

While the flavor offerings of popcakes range from basics like strawberry and chocolate to luxurious, layered bars with flavors like s’mores and strawberry shortcake, one thing remains the same about the tasty treats- they are all adorned with fancy sprinkles. The popcakes logo incorporates sprinkles and classic pastel colors reminiscent of a candy or ice cream shop add a visual element of sweetness.

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